Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are my streamed logs persistent on cloudlog?

    We only offer persistence in the pro plan. in the basic plan it is simply a streaming from your client to you as developer. nothing is stored with us.

  • I lose the overview because there are too many requests.

    In the basic plan simply log out and in again. we only store the requests in the localstorage of your browser.

  • Is there a mobile app?

    Not at the moment. we rely on the native features of the browser, so that you can use your familiar tool as much as possible.

  • What clients are supported?

    We are currently compiling our sdk for browserslist's default browser set. In general most clients supporting web sockets are working. Legacy support via xmlhttprequest is a thing we are thinking about. Let us know, what you need.

  • Can I use this for production?

    No! We strongly recommend to take this out for production and use it only for development, testing and staging. First of all our sdk is quite big, secondly you would lose track of the number of outputs. We are not an error tracker, there are other tools for that.

  • How are you different from sentry?

    We are not an error tracker. We are a debugging tool. We help you to find out WHY your site does not work on a specific device that you cannot access. What we are thinking about are other debugging possibilities (DOM elements, etc.). What we are not thinking about is error tracking.